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The Dangers of Reading


De periculo legendi

In the shade of a leafy awning,
roof of light & green leaves marbled,
sits a youth contently yawning,
murm’ringly reading old texts garbled

Surrounded by fruit trees hung ripe,
scanning Antiquity at its best
oblivious to katydids & snipe,
errare humanum est

While the vine her tendrils slowly winds
around his unsuspecting legs,
philosophy unwinds his mind
& summer draws heavily from its dregs

Freely birds & other creatures
now nest amongst his unkempt hair;
though still beholding ancient ligatures,
he’s late acquired a stony air

errare humanum est: it is human to err


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He awakens the dawn,
raises up the golden sun;
each blessed morn’
he lights the world anew,
with swirling light
and sun soaked hue.
How earthman,
created as he is,
won’t understand
and even denies
the beauty of creation,
revealed in a sunrise,
only his Maker can surmise.

At the beginning of this poetry blog, a short dedication to the Poet of Life

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