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Reflections on Deep Space


As super novae light up milky nebula bright
two fiery comets trace Copernican orbits fierce
A lonely neutron star collapses out of sight
while distant quasars darkest night forever pierce
Inconstant like the regular Moon; the variable Cepheid
defies gravitational pull, while binary stars eclipse
and orbit ’round their centre in space-time’s imagined grid
which holding atoms together, creation’s element grips

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Why do good things happen to bad people

Why do gangsters live glamorous lives?
Why do drug barons go on safari?
Why do dictators have beautiful wives?
Why do tax-evader’s futures look starry?
Why don’t the lazy ever get caught?
Why do loan sharks earn about a ton?
Why don’t thugs get punished as they ought?
Why do bad people have all of the fun?
Why did Jesus die for sinners like me?
Why though he knew my darkest deeds?
I’m glad good things happen to bad people like me

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While I kneel

While I kneel in my dim-lit room
my soul is bathed in your pure light
brilliant, passionate, glorious light
swelling my heart till it’s ready to burst
burst into your lovely hands
Your red hot love pulses through my veins
coursing from the heights of my spirit
to the depths of my soul –
an all-consuming, jealous love;
Somehow, agape makes it sound so harmless

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