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Over There

Over there, over that hill
lies a vast land that’s still
undiscovered, my son,
heresay that rivers run
like black, black peat
while mists take their seat
on the moors and bogs
full of bogmen and trogs
heresay that strange
creatures still range
upon those moors
only heresay, of course
The hind and the hare
they’ve lived over there
where they sleep
no shadows creep
perhaps only a bear, astray,
who’s lost his way
Imagine, following that path
perhaps, my son, to the end of the earth
Oh, just keep on following that track
before you know it, spring’ll be back

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Why I think I’m going insane

there’s a fire in my joins
there’s an itching in my brain
there’s a tugging in my loins
Lord, help me from lust abstain

The almost light-hearted tone of this ditty is deceptive, lust is treated as a sort of minor social faux-pas by many people, but the grabbing, objectifying, selfishness of lust forms, in it’s extremest form, the basis for rape. That’s why I believe lust is not harmless and why I want to avoid it at all costs.


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Love is blind

Your breath is like the dewy morning air
its clear and cooling scent invites sojourn
Your body smells of nectar sweet and rare
brought by the winged messenger of dawn
Your velvet skin forbids all but caresses
though soft to touch ’tis not too thin nor thick
Your supple smooth and vibrant hair in tresses
oft smells of orchard fruit when ripe to pick
Your voice a polyphonic tingling brings my ear;
the way of friendship you with kind words pave
Your singing sways all nature gathered here
to hear your glorious undulating wave
To miss your beauty, loving ways and kindness
all other men’s affliction must be blindness

This poem was an experiment in writing a petrarchan sonnet with auditory, tactile and olfactory blazon (instead of the typically visual style often found in descriptions of women in love poetry)

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