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Notes written in July

You know
what I need
before I know it
You provide
what I need
when I need it
You are
what I need
forever and ever


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Barn Owl

A feathery face faintly visible
Peering between a parting in the trees.
The morbid brown monk-cape hides and
Covers the night-dweller, known by its screech,
Ghostly sorrowful grave-digger silverling:
Swooping silently in unswerving death
For mice about at midnight’s hour.
The chalk-like face charms and terrifies
With piercing eyes – isles of blackness
That searingly seek out the soul’s depths of night.
Swiftly bone-hard talons swing by
The pale Moon’s light – the mother of nightlings.
Screeching Valkyrie, voicing doomsongs
In mournful mist-like sorrow-sadness.

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