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The Craftsman

A craftsman’s carving laundry pegs
below the ancient forest’s eaves
and running through the heaving trees,
the wind is tossing tumbling leaves.
This daily chore, the bulk of work
becomes much more than things to sell
though each peg seem the same to you,
his careful, skilful movements tell
of loving craft. Each peg he gives
a craftsman’s look, to test the birch
for faults or just for beauty’s sake,
like God with his belovèd church.
And when the care of many days
would seem to make the work mundane,
he makes the rounded nook and edge
a game, a way of keeping sane.
And yet, it’s during times as these
when life seems meaningless and tart,
that craftsman feels the Spirit’s blowing
through his fingers, arms and heart.
tart: bitter

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