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The Norwind’s forces sally forth
Against the Southwind’s weapontake,
Whose sweltring gales are marching north;
Their footfall whipping up the lake.
The darkling clouds of icy ire,
Undaunted, never fail nor falter
‘gainst red and glaring clouds of fire
Escaped from Vulcan’s smithy-altar.
Then billows bellow brute and free
O’er heath and moors and shadow-meres
And thunder roars above the sea
As warriors clash and splinter spears.
Thus angry battle rages ever
While troubled skies must bear the whirl
Of wrathful winds in warlike weather,
Who lightning at each other hurl.

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At least I’m honest
staring in cold
reality’s face;
brutal, lip-biting reality;
the senseless revolutions
in space and time
(I’m still biting my lip)
how absurd,
the question of why?
will never be answered;
cannot be answered!
(I assure myself)
Those deluded,
senseless, irrational
creatures —
(even language betrays me)
happy in their stupidity;
Blessed are the stupid. Continue reading

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