A little talk

Hell-bound lying’s made me slipp’ry
Year by year the same old empty
Pleasures caught in furtive snatches
Oscillate with guilt, regret and
Cynicism born of habit.
Right from wrong I know too well, but
Iron-hearted judge my neighbours.
Troubled thoughts about my sins I
Exorcise in mercy’s name.
Come to me you tired people
Haunted by your secret shame,
Rose I not to give you life?
I am love; I ne’er stopped loving
Self-destructive you. Oh, let me
Take your broken heart and heal it.
Hopeless, wretched, undeserving.
You’re too good for me – too pure!
Please, I beg you, go from me, you
Overwhelm me with your light that
Clearly shows my inner darkness.
Rung by rung I climbed right down
Into things I knew were wrong and
Tired at the bottom lack the
Energy to get me back.
Child, the price has long been paid;
Holiness for prisoners slain;
Ransomed even you, my child.
In my arms you ever were –
Soiled clothes I’ve come to wash and
Take your soul and set it free.

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One response to “A little talk

  1. Beautiful, my darling! Are you doing OK? We miss you both! Lots of love from MaPi xxxx

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