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To what shall I compare the one I love?
To daisy fresh or gentle summer days?
To fleeing hart or truest turtle dove?
Or any quaint and well worn poetʼs phrase
That comes not ever near her essence pure,
Who daily fills my thougts and dreams by night.
Yea love, what pen-wrought image could endure
Beside thy truth and beautyʼs love-born light?
No craftsmanʼs handiwork – be it e’er so close
Could ever satisfy with artful cheats
This loverʼs longing eye and heart morose,
That yearning for thy presence beats.
~~~~There is but one whose work I cannot fault –
~~~~His workshop lies above the heavensʼ vault.



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Sainthoodʼs the calling
Not to be faultless,
But to love God,
Ourselves and others
To a fault;

Not to escape the world,
But to hallow
All around us
While we live
Upon this planet.

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March 6, 2015 · 7:17 pm


Every man of steel
needs his Kryptonite
to make him human

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