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What wouldn’t a bit of civility do for the world

I’m terribly sorry
I’m a bit out of practice
With swearing, I mean.
My foot’s got under
Your industrial lorry,
Quo caritas humani lactes
That’s Latin, old bean.
So please don’t thunder
And just back up will yer,
I mean, if you don’t mind, sir.


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Riddle III

Through fire and flame, though fate was kind,

I came to speak a spell of yore.

Long lay I alone ʼneath library dust,

Till from under the emperorʼs image was sifted

A gold-hoard for hoary word-lovers.

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Riddle II

Shining silver shimmers coldly
On warming gold, weakly glimmering.
One far, one near, known well by folk
Who walk the weary ways of shadow;
Comforting wayfarers for care-worn wanderers.

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