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If only I could read those looks and smiles
As well as printed letters black and white,
Id cease to ask if wishful heart beguiles,
Or senseless eyes did read your gist aright.
But now your written words less clearer seem
And leave me floundring even more in doubt,
Like soldier pondring dark and shrouded dream
Before the battles din and roaring shout.
Uncertain dusk retreats before the dawn,
When deeds are done and faith no longer gropes
But sees. Or else the doomed lie down forlorn
Still far away from all their dreams and hopes.
—-No time to wonder, doubt or guess – my night
—-Is rapidly dissolving in your light.


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At sea

Like unto a cankerous disease
A boat drifts rudderless, unbound
Afloat upon the seven seas
Whose depths no measuring line can sound

No land in sight – its tossed and turned
The anchor went long time ago
O how Ive sought and yearned
For roots to bind my heart to woe

But nothing of the sort occurs
I drift alone, unmoved, unbound –
Untethered wandering freedoms curse
The waves just make a hollow sound

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I took in nature undistilled

I took in nature undistilled
And thus my soul with vision filled
Resting now the inner eye
A stream of pictures rushes by

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To my love

—-Your every expression and move enchants,
Especially that running your fingers through your hair,
—-Which to my starved romantic soul grants
An intense pleasure; O love, do you know that youʼre fair?
—-And as you slowly turn away
—-With all my heart I wish youʼd stay.

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O weep Jerusalem! Thy pilgrim flock
Hath left the fold to learn the wicked ways
Of hungry wolves. O shake in reeling shock!
Our evil deeds befit our evil days.
If sheep were tearing wolves, would shepherds tend
Such broken hearted, fanged, unwilling brood?
What bridegroom hopes his ugly bride shall mend,
Attaining beauty after she be woo’d?
Yet thou, O shepherd bridegroom, ever true,
Dost so and cleanst us making all things new.

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