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The Thought Walk

The Fall-leaf —
Can you hear it crunch
Beneath your walking boots?

The River —
Can you hear it sing
Joyful as it leaps?

The West wind —
Can you hear it whisper
Mellow through the trees?

The Ocean —
Can you hear it roar
Softly in your mind?


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In the mean time

In the mean time,
This in-between time,
There are seeds to sow
And loves to grow

But I keep coming back
To my own dead weight,
The feeling that I lack
At times will not abate.

Though thereʼs godly hope
In the fabric of creation,
I still need to cope
With this everyday sensation:

While the Romance is still true,
I need to learn how to
Pick up the cross each day
And try to follow the Way.

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