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An Attempt to Describe Holiness

Purest ray
shines right
through me

Hottest sun
burns bright
into me

Deepest thunder
around me

Strongest wind
heart piercing
within me


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The Quest

Soft padding on desert sand,
__A camel harness jangles faint
The glint of something metal and
__Three seeking hearts to rival saints.

Swaying gently over dunes
__A star illuminates that night.
The hope born from those ancient runes
__Bids seek a worldʼs redeeming light.

Lead on, lead on celestial guide
__In silent unison they cried.

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De Incarnatione

The Eternal in an embryo
The All-wise in a womb
The Infinite in an infant
The Maker in a manger
The Way on weary feet
The Truth in human person
The Life in mortal body

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