Hildeburh’s Lament I

Hwæt, of the Speardanes
And their strength in deeds,
And of Friesland’s Finn,
Foremost of kings,
Many singers have sung
Songs of battleglory
In days long ago.
Death left only me,
Tholing with thoughts
On the threads of Wyrd,
My meat in eld —
End is nighing.
Yet once fair and
Young as Freya was I,
Free as a hind
In forest or hurst.
With Hnæf my brother
Born after me,
My first friend,
I frolicked unbound
Many a summer’s day
We spent dreaming
In the wind’s wake
We wove our tales
Of Vanir and Æsir;
Their victories, defeats
And truce bought with
The exchange of a bride.
Óthr’s wife Freya
Forced to marry;
Griefladen by her
Groom’s madness;
And of Frigg’s boy,
Baldr, Freyr’s son,
Slain by Loki,
Sly and wily.
We both thrilled at
Thor’s exploits and
Sung his stories
Of strength and thunder.
Of elves and dwarves,
Of Asgard and Midgard
We knew enough,
Yet nothing of the world,
Till violent battles
Invaded our lives.


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