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In friendly crowds mine eyes will look to see
Thy glowing glory-flecting face again
And passing by thy dwellingʼs hallowed lane
They rise, against my will, in hope of thee.
At night their lucent gates are shut in vain
For then they chase thine image – being more free –
Down well-trod paths of painful memory
When, striving with such thoughts, willʼs power doth wane.
By day, if watchful prudence groweth lax,
Theyʼll guess if distance or the parallax
Between their orb and thy dear self doth wax.
And though rebuked by reasonʼs prudent sense,
They, like school boys, nod and make pretence
And promise insincere to make amends.


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space trilogy


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star light
can’t reach the earth
since cities bright
outshine star births

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Reflections on Deep Space


As super novae light up milky nebula bright
two fiery comets trace Copernican orbits fierce
A lonely neutron star collapses out of sight
while distant quasars darkest night forever pierce
Inconstant like the regular Moon; the variable Cepheid
defies gravitational pull, while binary stars eclipse
and orbit ’round their centre in space-time’s imagined grid
which holding atoms together, creation’s element grips

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