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The Quest

Soft padding on desert sand,
__A camel harness jangles faint
The glint of something metal and
__Three seeking hearts to rival saints.

Swaying gently over dunes
__A star illuminates that night.
The hope born from those ancient runes
__Bids seek a worldʼs redeeming light.

Lead on, lead on celestial guide
__In silent unison they cried.


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De Incarnatione

The Eternal in an embryo
The All-wise in a womb
The Infinite in an infant
The Maker in a manger
The Way on weary feet
The Truth in human person
The Life in mortal body

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In vino veritas

For Him the bitterness
Of sin and suffering –
For us the sacred sweetness
That true forgiveness brings.

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O weep Jerusalem! Thy pilgrim flock
Hath left the fold to learn the wicked ways
Of hungry wolves. O shake in reeling shock!
Our evil deeds befit our evil days.
If sheep were tearing wolves, would shepherds tend
Such broken hearted, fanged, unwilling brood?
What bridegroom hopes his ugly bride shall mend,
Attaining beauty after she be woo’d?
Yet thou, O shepherd bridegroom, ever true,
Dost so and cleanst us making all things new.

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The Return of the King

Yet now still all creation groans
   to be redeemed by Love,
That gives new life to dried up bones
   through Spirit from above.
For th’ancient serpent, devil-worm,
   who lost in heaven’s war
Still rages here on earth a-storm
   with Babylon his whore.
Their lust for blood, their ardent hate
   of all the woman’s seed,
Demands that they exterminate
   mankind in drunken greed.
Before the throne of God the saints
   are witnesses and weep,
Rejoicing midst their tearful ‘plaints
   with martyr’s victory leap.
Who rides upon the wings of light
   still wrapped in clouds and thunder?
The Servant-King returns in might
   to tear the skies asunder.
A trumpet calls, the angels sing
   and ride in heavenly power.
When all the world has seen the King
   his enemies shall cower.
His glory shining forth resplendid
   shall fill the sea and earth
And all our woe and wounds be mended
   by Him of virgin birth.

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Jesus washed those
dirty, smelly, tired
He washed
the feet of the one
who’d doubt him
– believing in those feet
He washed
the feet of the one
who’d deny him
– choosing those feet
He washed
the feet of the one
who’d betray him
– loving those feet

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