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In vino veritas

For Him the bitterness
Of sin and suffering –
For us the sacred sweetness
That true forgiveness brings.


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Strange Bedfellows

Carnal lust and spirit’s pride
Disdain to meet upon the streets –
Yet how oft I’ve the twain espied
Between my heart root’s very sheets.

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To be in love is not like hemp or wine,
Tisʼ sweeter far than any verse of mine.
Intoxicated senses are but frame;
The source and end of Eros are the same.

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Sainthoodʼs the calling
Not to be faultless,
But to love God,
Ourselves and others
To a fault;

Not to escape the world,
But to hallow
All around us
While we live
Upon this planet.

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March 6, 2015 · 7:17 pm


Every man of steel
needs his Kryptonite
to make him human

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From overripe and ancient stocks

Of decadent and cluttered culture

Over-sated Satire mocks;

That posing parasitic vulture.

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epigram no. 3

Forbidden fruit tastes so sweet
until its juice stains your teeth


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