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An Attempt to Describe Holiness

Purest ray
shines right
through me

Hottest sun
burns bright
into me

Deepest thunder
around me

Strongest wind
heart piercing
within me


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In the mean time

In the mean time,
This in-between time,
There are seeds to sow
And loves to grow

But I keep coming back
To my own dead weight,
The feeling that I lack
At times will not abate.

Though thereʼs godly hope
In the fabric of creation,
I still need to cope
With this everyday sensation:

While the Romance is still true,
I need to learn how to
Pick up the cross each day
And try to follow the Way.

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Strange Bedfellows

Carnal lust and spirit’s pride
Disdain to meet upon the streets –
Yet how oft I’ve the twain espied
Between my heart root’s very sheets.

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Band of broken brothers and sisters

Band of broken brothers and sisters,
Dirty, impure, our deeds have made us.
Hearts are hurting, heal us Jesus!
Your blood is balm for embittered souls,
Your resurrection raises lost hope.
Our hearts heaving, haltingly beat,
Warmed by your love, the light of the world;
Still baby heartbeats, but beating nonetheless.

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O weep Jerusalem! Thy pilgrim flock
Hath left the fold to learn the wicked ways
Of hungry wolves. O shake in reeling shock!
Our evil deeds befit our evil days.
If sheep were tearing wolves, would shepherds tend
Such broken hearted, fanged, unwilling brood?
What bridegroom hopes his ugly bride shall mend,
Attaining beauty after she be woo’d?
Yet thou, O shepherd bridegroom, ever true,
Dost so and cleanst us making all things new.

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Evening Prayer

Vespers is over, the bells have rung,
The evening fades and the day is done.
All day in vain my heart sought peace,
Until that hour found no release;
Worries and fears – imagined harms
Are shed in my Father’s safe strong arms.

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Where were you?

Where were you
When I was starving?

I was just having seconds.

Where were you
When I was thirsty?

I was just proposing a toast.

Where were you
When I was a foreigner?

I was just moving to a nicer neighbourhood.

Where were you
When I was naked?

I was just deciding what to wear.

Where were you
When I was ill?

I was just thanking you for good health.

Where were you
When I was in prison?

I was just singing songs of freedom.

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