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At night, when all my thoughts return to one
Who’s always there beneath my topmost thought,
And grieving think on how I’d almost won
Her heart and love – then fall’n in Love’s glass court,
I wish she’d miss me now as I do her.
Though truer love would check this selfish wish
If I but a better man and lover were.


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At sea

Like unto a cankerous disease
A boat drifts rudderless, unbound
Afloat upon the seven seas
Whose depths no measuring line can sound

No land in sight – its tossed and turned
The anchor went long time ago
O how Ive sought and yearned
For roots to bind my heart to woe

But nothing of the sort occurs
I drift alone, unmoved, unbound –
Untethered wandering freedoms curse
The waves just make a hollow sound

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Riddle II

Shining silver shimmers coldly
On warming gold, weakly glimmering.
One far, one near, known well by folk
Who walk the weary ways of shadow;
Comforting wayfarers for care-worn wanderers.

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The Norwind’s forces sally forth
Against the Southwind’s weapontake,
Whose sweltring gales are marching north;
Their footfall whipping up the lake.
The darkling clouds of icy ire,
Undaunted, never fail nor falter
‘gainst red and glaring clouds of fire
Escaped from Vulcan’s smithy-altar.
Then billows bellow brute and free
O’er heath and moors and shadow-meres
And thunder roars above the sea
As warriors clash and splinter spears.
Thus angry battle rages ever
While troubled skies must bear the whirl
Of wrathful winds in warlike weather,
Who lightning at each other hurl.

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space trilogy


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Barn Owl

A feathery face faintly visible
Peering between a parting in the trees.
The morbid brown monk-cape hides and
Covers the night-dweller, known by its screech,
Ghostly sorrowful grave-digger silverling:
Swooping silently in unswerving death
For mice about at midnight’s hour.
The chalk-like face charms and terrifies
With piercing eyes – isles of blackness
That searingly seek out the soul’s depths of night.
Swiftly bone-hard talons swing by
The pale Moon’s light – the mother of nightlings.
Screeching Valkyrie, voicing doomsongs
In mournful mist-like sorrow-sadness.

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“ventis glacies adstricta pependit” – Ovid, Metamorphoses
As Winter broods on snowy peaks
strong waterfalls begin to freeze
a deer his fodder vainly seeks
and northern winds whip up the seas
The longest night beckons clear stars
that pierce the darkness glowing cold
beneath the muffling carpet, grass
has stopped growing all but old
A splintering icicle rends the quiet
the startled hind retreats in silvam
where dryads, hid from wind tossed riot,
of heroes sing and lyre strings strum
Arising, Luna shines her light
though wat’ry, weak and oft enshroud
tis comfort during callous nights
when Winter’s silence rages loud
ventis glacies adstricta pependit: The ice hangs, bound up by the wind
in silvam: into the forest

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