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Second Sight

there was someone
sitting on the bench
on the hill where
you said that you
sometimes sit
and I thought
that it might –
but it wasnʼt


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Ad Ultimum Terrae

He has also set eternity in the hearts of men – Eccl. 3,11

A green helmet flashes in the sun
As the wine-red ocean begins to grow dun
And a black prowed ship over endless waves
Hastens these wind taut men to their graves.

Meeting the stars’ piercing gaze of light,
Enduring the silence born of glassy Night,
Who folds the gleaming world in fearful hush,
They hurtle, hurl themselves in yearning rush.

The sea’s deep blue and green is drawn
By the joy-expecting calm of approaching Dawn,
Who heralds the golden ball of liquid fire,
As eager hands stretch out in sheer desire.

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