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The Ghost of Unrequited Love Past

Try as I might try
To give my heart the lie,
To move on and to survive,
My heart in yours has died
And ever there must lie,
Unless by love revived.

my dear, I truly fear
I’m not being quite sincere –
unrequited love
is a gift (for poets) from above.

I forget how you were gentle
when you hung upon my neck
as you strangled my self-pity
and left me a silent wreck –
what started out as witty
is waxing sentimental.

the fault, yes, every bit
is mine, I do admit:
my love is self-inflicted
yet still I can’t evict it.

forgive me for this mix
of sentimental tricks
and words but half meant;
allow me this old vent
for a mixed up head and heart
looking for where to start:

Try as I might try
To let by-gone be gone by,
Could I forget your eyes
And let by-gones be gone bys?


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Second Sight

there was someone
sitting on the bench
on the hill where
you said that you
sometimes sit
and I thought
that it might –
but it wasnʼt

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The self pity club

The self pity club
Chords: D, Dmaj7, D6 (repeat)
1: Welcome to the self pity club
Everyone hates you and you’ve had enough
 I know how you feel, they all say
 They don’t mean it anyway
 The list of complaints just goes on and on
 It never ends, it never will
Chorus: I’m so dissatisfied
 That’s our club’s motto.
 Always criticise
 Never realise
 How good you’ve got it.
2: The members of the club are all the same
 They act as if they’ve been left out in the rain.
 No one is happy, everyone’s gray
 They tell newcomers to stay away
 The only three members are me, myself and I
 It can get quite lonely, no one says hi
Chorus: I’m so dissatisfied….
(PPPPooooooooooooooooorrrrr Me!)


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